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Sophos Certified Engineer – Course overview

Enduser Protection

This course is designed for technical professionals who will be demonstrating Enduser Protection and provides an overview of the product, including an introduction to the major capabilities and core configuration concepts.

The course is available either online via the Partner Portal, or as an instructor-led classroom course. Please contact your CAM or CAE to find out more about the availability of classroom courses in your region. It consists of presentations and practical lab exercises to reinforce the taught content, and electronic copies of the supporting documents for the course will be provided to each trainee through the online portal.

The course is expected to take 1 day to complete, of which roughly 4-6 hours will be spent on the practical exercises.


On completion of this course, trainees will be able to:

  • Describe the main technical capabilities of Enduser Protection and its benefits
  • Deploy and manage Enduser Protection in an environment of up to two hundred users
  • Configure the most commonly used features
  • List the system requirements
  • Locate and use additional online resources


Prior to attending this course, trainees should:

Prior to taking this training you should pass the online assessment EA01a – Certified Engineer Fundamentals. Training is offered to help you pass the assessment and comprises four short modules covering:

  • Cryptography basics
  • Networking basics
  • Active Directory basics
  • Security threat basics

In addition you should:

  • Be able to setup a Windows server, with Windows workstations
  • Have knowledge of general Windows networking

If you are uncertain whether you meet the necessary prerequisites to take this course, please email us at and we will be happy to help.


To complete the course, trainees must take and pass an online assessment. The assessment tests their knowledge of both the presented and practical content. The pass mark for the assessment is 80%, and trainees should note that to become a Sophos Certified Engineer, they must complete and pass two product courses.


  • Module 1 : Introduction to enduser protection
    • Enduser protection components
    • Sophos Enterprise Console
    • Demonstration – Enterprise Console user interface
    • SophosLabs
    • Sophos Support site
  • Module 2 : Solution architecture
    • Sophos Enterprise Console database
    • Installation scenarios
    • Component overview
    • Component communication
    • Central Installation Directories (CIDs)
    • Sophos Auto Update
    • Remote Management System
    • Component overview with Patch
  • Module 3 : System requirements and deployment
    • Enterprise Console system requirements
    • Enduser Protection system requirements
    • Sophos Enterprise Console installation
    • Enduser Protection installation methods
    • Competitor Removal Tool (CRT)
    • Demonstration – Mac Enduser Protection Client
    • Product upgrades
    • Lab 1 – Register for a trial
    • Lab 2 – Installing the management software
    • Lab 3 – Deploying to computers
  • Module 4 : Managing updating and anti-virus
    • Sophos Enterprise Console
    • Software Subscriptions
    • Sophos Update Manager
    • Enduser protection steps
    • Updating Policy
    • Anti-virus and HIPS policy
    • Tamper Protection
    • Alerts, smart views and right click actions
    • Lab 4 – Management of Updating and Anti-virus
  •  Module 5 : Managing application, data and device control
    • Application control
    • Data control
    • Device control
    • Event viewers and dashboard
    • Lab 5 – Managing application, data and device control
  • Module 6 - Managing web control, patch and firewall
    • Managing web control
    • Patch assessment
    • Configuring firewall policies
    • Lab 6 – Managing web control, patch and firewall
  • Module 7 : Management at the endpoint
    • End user experience
    • Windows services and groups
    • On-demand scanning
    • Management of threats
    • Tamper protection
    • End user experience on Mac
  • Module 8 : Role-based administration and reporting
    • Auditing
    • Configuring role-based administration
    • Reporting
    • Lab 7 – Role-based administration and reporting

Further information

If you require any further information on this course, please contact us at

Find here the current training specification as PDF-file.


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  • System Engineer


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